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You have a better chance of living long, healthy lives when you inhale clean air with every breath! Choose a Daikin…

Posted on : 13 Nov 2019

Daikin India and the Delhi boys wish you a very Happy #GuruNanakJayanti. On this auspicious 550th Anniversary, may… #GuruNanakJayanti

Posted on : 12 Nov 2019

Now that's one pure tongue twister. Fancy your chances? Record and send us your best attempts now. Comment and DM…

Posted on : 10 Nov 2019

Choosing the right AC with the right refrigerant will help you keep the air around perfectly conditioned, while tak…

Posted on : 13 Nov 2019

Children are smart, and also the most affected! Let's put our education to use and stop polluting major cities like…

Posted on : 11 Nov 2019

Of the total body intake, 57% of what we breathe is indoor air. Reason enough to keep it clean, right? Go get a Da…

Posted on : 09 Nov 2019

Indoor pollution is no laughing matter. It has the maximum impact on children, so go for a Daikin Air Purifier with…

Posted on : 12 Nov 2019

13 out of the 20 most polluted cities are in India, so when you have a Daikin Air Purifier at home, indoor pollutio…

Posted on : 11 Nov 2019

Create a healthier space that looks pleasing to the eye as well courtesy your Daikin Air Purifier! Let’s all aim fo…

Posted on : 09 Nov 2019


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